Sep 17

YUCOM finalized grant activities on strengthening Ombudsman’s role in Serbian Society

On February 22, Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM (Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights) and Belgrade Center for Human Rights organized a press conference to mark the finalization of their activities under the project ‘Strengthening Ombudsman’s Role in Serbian Society’ for which they were awarded a grant by JRGA. They presented the project findings and deliverables, including the methodology for monitoring the implementation of Ombudsman’s recommendations.

The main aim of the 12-month project activities was to create the methodology and measure the implementation of Ombudsman’s recommendations in the area of good governance. The project targeted the general public, public authorities, NGOs dealing with human rights, good governance and the work of regulatory bodies and staff of the Ombudsman’s office.

Through a series of meetings and two roundtables involving over 100 stakeholders, YUCOM and Belgrade Center for Human Rights managed to  inform public on the significance of the existence and work of the Ombudsman, raise awareness among public authorities on importance of acting in compliance with human rights standards, especially the right (principle) to good governance, as well as to improve the communication with Ombudsman’s staff regarding solving the problems addressed in Ombudsman’s recommendations.

The full text of the Methodology can be found here.

A website dedicated to monitoring the implementation of Ombudsman’s recommendations and presenting project results was created: http://ombudsman.yucom.org.rs/

The report from the final conference can be found here and photo and video footage can be seen here.

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